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About Hack Oldham

Who Are We?

Hack Oldham is a non-profit organisation run by and for our members and the wider community and staffed by volunteers. We offer a meeting space for event organisers, co-workers, social groups. We also have a wide range of crafting facilities for groups, individuals and other organisations.  Here are some examples of what we do:

Community Groups






Crafting and Art Equipment








Event Space

We have a dedicated events space on the ground

floor. With space for up to 40 people, we can

provide PA sound systems, an overhead projector,

refreshments, laptops, and anything else your

presentation or workshop might require.  


Members’ Lounge

Our basement contains a member lounge which will be a comfortable, relaxed space for work, gaming or socializing for members during the day. We have VR machines, retro gaming consoles, a reference library, tabletop games and more!



Currently we are revamping our woodworking workshop, which has a large variety

of professional woodworking tools including a lathe, saws and drills. Bring your own

wood or use what is in the space. 

Get involved

You can see our membership prices here. If you wish to join, simply get in touch by phone, email or our online form. 

Hack is a community, so if you think you can help with setting up more machines, run a group, volunteer or even hold a workshop for other members, let us know. You can fill in the form below or get in touch direct by phone, e-mail, or in person by popping into the space during opening hours. 

We are growing all the time, so come down and visit to see what else we do!

Legal stuff: you can find our Health and Safety policy, Child Safeguarding policy and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policies here.


Are you looking for a space to meet? Hack Oldham works with a variety of community groups who wish to pursue their crafts and hobbies. Members run their own groups in the evenings or (if the ground floor event space is free) during the day. Check out our Groups page to learn more about what is on and how to get involved. 

Work on the first floor of our comfortable, air-conditioned building. Secure access is through automated doors in the ground floor reception. Comes complete with kitchen and coffee maker. For an extra fee locker hire is available. See the Co-working page for further details.

Use of our crafting machines and dedicated crafting rooms is free

to all members. Bring your own materials or use what is in the space. 

So far we have a cameo silhouette printer, mug printer, T-shirt press,

glass kiln, silk screen press, and laser cutter, and we are getting

more all the time!

Check the Groups page to see what groups are meeting this month,

take a look at our Price List, or simply call into the space during

office hours to see what we have on offer. 

Our friendly staff are always eager to show you around!


Get in Touch

You can send us a message using this online form, or by phone or e-mail. 

Thanks for submitting!

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