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Happy New Year from Hack!

Filmmaking group with actor Dan Stanton from ITV's Coronation Street.

Acting in the Community class in full swing.

llo everyone and Happy New Year!

We are launching into 2023 with a blast. Our biggest group is now officially the Acting in the Community class! This group has gone from strength to strength. In fact one of our attendees, actor Dan Stanton, has just appeared in TV's Coronation Street!

The Filmmaking group continues to expand, with attendees now getting the chance to direct their own short scenes. We also have a very special surprise announcement about this group coming soon! Stay tuned for details. (We love to be mysterious).

The Craft and Chat group has gotten off to a terrific start, with Taiga teaching Macrame as well as people coming in to work on their own projects. It's a great place to come in, have a chat, craft, relax, and even maybe have a slice of cake!

And we don't stop at the weekend. Saturday is our wargaming group. Jack the organiser is looking for new recruits for Warhammer and Kill Team. Drop us an e-mail to get involved.

Our co-workers continue to grow as well, making a much appreciated contribution to the space. We hope the co-working space will continue to improve as we decorate.

In other news, long-time member Fuchsia is hoping to put together a child-friendly Dungeons and Dragons game on a Saturday. So if you know someone who might be interested, get in touch, as places will be limited.

So lots of good stuff going on and more to come. We haven't even mentioned our wood workshop, electronics, robotics, VR sets, retro gaming consoles and event space yet!

If there's something you would like to see us put on at Hack let us know. Or feel free to drop in any time for a tour. We'll be happy to show you around!

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